Re'em Bar, born December 73 and resident of northern Israel. In 1990 I finished drawing The Dragons Album and began my Architecture studies at the Technion, Israel institute of technology, completed cum laude after five years. My final project dealt with the development of a deployable structure and I won an award for the design of a suspended bridge. I was then drafted for three years army service, ended November 1998. In 2006 I was granted my MA in Medieval History from the University of Haifa and two years later a MLS (of Library and Information Science) from the same university. Until 2020 I worked as a librarian in Kiryat Yam's Public Library. During that time I studied Geology in the Open University and later a course in Network Administration. I am currently the librarian of the NB Haifa School of Design.

I've illustrated one children's book, edited one book for adults and published one academic article, in Hebrew:

בר, ראם: "חיות בלבוש אדם ומסורות חזותיות בשירי אמא אווזה של הארי ויטייר פריס", עיונים בספרות ילדים 20 (תשע"א, 2011) עמ' 55-16.

Abstract: Harry Whittier Frees was the pioneer and most influential figure in the translation of the ancient theme of anthropomorphic animals to the language of photography. The article briefly reviews the history of this theme, how it became a feature of children's literature and its photographic versions. It then focuses on Frees' photographs for the Mother Goose nursery rhymes and presents their design techniques, from straightforward mimicry of previous illustrations, through adherence to traditional iconography, to a parody on popular American visual motives that have nothing to do with Mother Goose.

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