one of my drawings
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another one of my drawings      "Every time there was a full moon the dragon
came out of his lair and ravaged the countryside.
He frightened maidens and stopped up chimneys
and broke store windows and set people's clocks
back and made dogs bark until no one could hear
himself think.
     "He tipped over fences and robbed graves and
put frogs in people's drinking water and tore the
last chapters out of novels and changed house
numbers around so that people crawled into bed
with their neighbors' wives."
     John C. Gardner: DRAGON, DRAGON
"It was still the custom for Dragon's Tail to be served up at the King's Christmas Feast; and each year a knight was chosen for the duty of hunting... But for many years now the Royal Cook had made a marvellous confection, a Mock Dragon's Tail of cake and almond-paste, with cunning scales of hard icing-sugar."     J.R.R. Tolkien: Farmer Giles of Ham

yet another drawing of mine